Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are already doing our first reprint of "Typing 'Wild Speech'" by Dana Tall-Drink-O-Cincinnati Ward! Huzzah! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy! Your copies are currently winging their ways to you by USPS.

Also wanted to let you all know that Dana has been cruising around the Mid-West giving readings and preaching The Word. He will be reading at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio as part of the Post_Moot Convocation 2010, which looks to be a bangin' weekend of readings.

Also, additionally, I wanted to give a few shout outs to those who helped with the design and production of the "Typing 'Wild Speech'" real quick.

Big ups to Matthew Arnone (What! What!) our radical and brilliant cover designer and one of our dear BFFs.

Big ups to our efficient, attractive and entertaining folding and stapling crew: Salem Peterson, Jon Hioki, Matthew Arnone, Zeecee Randall and John Sakkis. A righteous gang of BFFs.
*Check out photos of our "Poetry Taco Orgy Party" (aka chapbook folding/stapling and taco eating party) at Steve's flickr page here.

Big ups to Brandon Brown for his moral support, encouragement and advice throughout and always (BB-BFF). WHAT! GUCCI!

and DUH, thank you to Dana Voice-of-Butter-Heart-of-Gold Ward for "Typing 'Wild Speech'".

Also, if anyone would like to help with the second round of folding and stapling this weekend, drop us a line (

Thanks for taking part, everyone and thank you for reading! We're so stoked, can you tell?


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