Monday, April 19, 2010

A Blurb for Lindsey Boldt

Here's what Stan Apps has to say about Lindsey Boldt's 'Oh My, Hell Yes':

Lindsey Boldt’s “Oh My Hell Yes” is head-bobbing new poetry. Boldt is attuned to the essential uselessness of poetry—a uselessness that is essential to the way poets live, a uselessness that saves us. This book is essential reading in the way that some first chapbooks are, not too polished, not overly aware of what the poets want to hear. Boldt surprises us with intimate descriptions, of the sky, of dancing, and of the tender insults of gender politics. Readers will be moved by the honest idiosyncrasy of the work.

Awesome! And you know what? Stan's right. You will be moved by the honest idiosyncrasy of the work. I was and so can you. Buy your very own copy of 'Oh My, Hell Yes' over there on the right. I highly recommend it.

You should also read Stan's account of Lindsey and John Sakkis' reading at the PRB in L.A. last November. Here it is.

And speaking of Lindsey. Her poem 'Do Me Dreamlife' is featured in the first issue of Supermachine. It's a great read that also features Brandon Brown, Brent Cunningham, and other wonderful writers.

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