Sunday, March 16, 2014

NEW! Dear Alain by Katy Bohinc

"Dear Alain" by Katy Bohinc     Poetry & Performance Notes    $10

Wow WOW! SUMMER BF is so excited to publish the amazing Katy Bohinc's "Dear Alain"!

31 cards tucked into an envelope beautified with rubber stamps of Katy's own signature and handwritten title plus and a specially designed "Forever Stamp" designed by Maximillian Bode. This selection of hits from the full length manuscript, represents the text (including handwritten performance notes!) of the reading Katy gave to our collective awe and inspiration at the East Bay Poetry Summit in the Spring of 2013 at The Long Haul in Berkeley. Steve and I were both completely blown away by her reading and jumped at the chance to publish this raw and invigorating work of radical love in praxis.

Katy describes "Dear Alain" this way:

"The project short and long is an exploration of Alain Badiou's main tenet: that philosophy will always be conditional to Love, Poetry, Politics and Math. The poet imposes on Alain, while demonstrating Love as thinking for two, and various smaller points of Badiou's work."

Here's a video of Katy performing this text at the East Bay Poetry Summit 2013