Monday, April 2, 2012

New Stuff

Summer BF has finally got some new stuff. Ronald Palmer's fan-fucking-tastic "Prick Queasy Chapter 9". Ron Palmer's "Prick Queasy" A surrealistic, sadistic porno-romp into the Hart Crane haunted mind of a video artist turned serial killer. Catch this first glimpse into a still unfolding novel you'll never come back from, not the same anyway. Summer BF's own Steve Orth offers up poetry wrestled WWF-style into tender sleeper holds, whispering sweetly into its ears and ours: "Everything's fucked, but it's gonna be alright." You can buy both together in a fantastic sale of $6. Prick Queasy is $5 and Slur The Point is $2. Both with $2 shipping and handling. Both books are not-safe-for-work. And so are you.

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