Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays to you and yours and theirs

Michael Nicoloff gives Summer BF some love on his attention span. Michael Nicoloff is fierce as fuck. He turns moist towelettes into sand paper.

Dana Ward's first book is available: This Can't Be Life. Edge Books published it, not us. Cause we're still crazy about staples. Buy this shit. Stuff it in a stalking.

Our first book of 2012 will be by a new one by Ron Palmer. Ron Palm is the man and this book's as crazy as Justin Beiber eating raw meat on the 38 Geary.

Summer BF is also going to be hitting the East Coast this spring. There will be dates to announce soon. Call us, Philly!

Happy Holidays to everyone. Decolonize all of Oakland! Liberate it all!

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