Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dodie Bellamy's Book Release

(Whistle While You Dixie becomes available to the public)

(author Dodie Bellamy reads. And totally reads awesomely)

(crowd gets photographed while waiting impatiently for reading to begin)

(totally planned out by photographer)

(Ron Palmer, Brandon Brown, Bruce Boone, kicking it)

(Summer BF co-founder, Steve Orth, is completely for real; not drunk)

(Brown and Boone)

(Neil LeDoux's art on the wall)

(Sakkis & Caswell want to hug you; want to fuck you the fuck up)

(Art Show in the Hallway)

(Taylor Brady finds a good spot on the sofa; judges the bookshelf)

(Neil LeDoux, forced to explain art to poets)

(Jen Manzano, B. Brown, Alli Warren)

(Summer BF founders: Steve and Lindsey Boldt)

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